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Region of Peel Compost Facility - Case Study


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About the Project

The Peel Integrated Waste Management Facility (IWMF) is the largest of its kind in Canada and houses:

  • a single stream Material Recovery Facility (MRF)
  • a waste transfer station
  • an organics composting plant

The organics composting plant has the capacity to process 60,000 tonnes of organic material (food waste and yard waste) annually.

Organic food waste is mixed equally with leaf and yard waste, then shredded and placed into reinforced concrete tunnels measuring 5m wide x 6m high x 30m long. Air is circulated through the tunnels using a series of holes within the floor. After approximately seven to ten days, the material is removed from the tunnels and brought to the Peel Curing Facility in Caledon. The material is cured outside in 24 windrows for 45 days using the Gore Cover System and then screened to produce the finished compost.

Region of Peel Compost Facility - Case Study

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