Rural Area Management

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The topic “rural area management” is inseparably connected with the future development of our environment. The cultivation of fields, pastures or forests has direct effect on food and feed, on bio-energy but also on Earth’s land, water, atmosphere and biological resources. To meet all these challenges, multi-class collaborations supported by an increased use of advanced ICT-technologies and tools are essential.

PROGIS, as well known GIS-software supplier has focused since several years on the development of applications for agriculture, forestry, ecology, logistic, general land-use management  and considers with it’s integrated approach next to farmers, the needs of affiliated industries and authorities. Largest industries and organisations are already our customers.

Together with “SaRAM”, a specific education and training program we recently launched the product range, called “AGROffice complete”. With “one-stop-shop” you can cover all the needs on rural area ICT.

SaRAM itself informs on situations, expectation, chances and risks in rural areas, teaches the software and helps stakeholders to get ready for this rapid and dynamic market development. It assists participants and supports them by implementing agro-projects in countries or regions.
Please download comprehensive information on the products from our progis Have a special look at information on our logistic software, which brought cost-savings from up to 30 % at sugar beet harvesting, biomass- or any other logistic need. Login at the button SaRAM and learn more about the education and training program.
The range of seminars start with April. It would be great to have you or your colleagues amongst the participants

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