Sabre Tine Case Study


Courtesy of Tillso

Ben Atkinson, J. E. Atkinson & Son, Lincolnshire

'The Tillso Sabre range of subsoiler legs are intelligently designed and highly engineered to create a perfectly structured subsoil without unnecessarily disturbing the surface. Surely a situation we are all trying to achieve. In the past we all too easily destroyed the benefits of subsoiling with subsequent operations trying to produce a seedbed.'

Adrian Whitehead, Farm Manager Velcourt Ltd and The Haverholme Farm Partnership

'We currently run two Great Plains SLD Solo's. Last autumn, working freshly lifted Sugar Beet land we ran one SLD with standard Pro-lift legs and the other with the Sabre Mono tine following each other up the field in front of the drill. The tractor driver on the drill rang me to say what a huge difference there was between the quality of the seedbed behind the Sabre tine and the Pro-lift . The Pro-lift tine was 'boiling out' lumps whereas the Sabre tine was leaving a very friable well structured seed bed. We operate a predominantly min-till system. The main reason for trying the Sabre tines was to prevent vertical mixing in the soil profile so that we are not bringing up fresh black-grass seeds to the surface and large clods when establishing OSR on our subsoiler based drills.'

David Templeton, Blyth Farm Services Ltd, Gainsborough Lincolnshire

'Our main production consists of growing vegetables including carrots, parsnips & asparagus on light/sandy soils. Since owning our subsoiler with Sabre Mono tines & Diamond packer roller we have been able to completely eliminate one cultivation pass. We used to have to level our previous machine's work prior to deep ridging & de-stoning. We find the shatter & earth move exceptional, whilst leaving an almost perfectly level surface, well pressed & moisture conserved. We are now experimenting with drilling cereals directly after the subsoiler, results look promising. The wearing parts for the Mono legs initially seemed very expensive, but experience has shown them to be more than cost effective. One final bonus is that the legs take considerably less pulling like for like than our previous machine. Quite simply the best bit of kit we’ve purchased in years.'

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