Sales force automation


Courtesy of Wastedge.com

Sales is one of the areas most neglected by waste companies when it comes to supporting their reps and business processes with new technology! For years, reps have had to fight for time on a single shared PC when in the office, amidst a management phobia that given half a chance, they’d run off with the corporate crown jewels – the customer price list.

Sales managers often worry about allowing reps to take any company data out into the field. Like migrating geese, waste-reps are known for moving seasonally from one grazing ground to another, as those who don’t make targets get pushed from the nest. And even those who can lay the golden egg, are often suspected of keeping secrets in their own little black book.

Paradoxically, some of the emerging Information Communication Technologies (ICT) may also bring new ways to better manage such risks.

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