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Sam's Club Launches Exclusive Toys

Not only does Toys R Us have exclusive toys, but other retailers also have it. For example, Sam’s Club will have some exclusive Fingerlings, LOL Surprise sets and sam's club teddy bear.


According to Popsugar, there are some new toys in each category. Think about it before you think you will only come in and out of the store with one thing. There is an exclusive L.O.L. Surprise Pets, (KidKraft Lola Mansion), and a personalized Character Plush Saucer Chair.


Commodities will decrease in mid-October, so you can't miss them.


What are the exclusive toys of the Sam Club? There are several.


The sams club fingerlings will have a new role. It will be dominated by Coral and Callie. These two characters will appear in a series for $30. There is also a very cool seesaw in this suit to add fun.


There is also a special LOL surprise package released with KidKraft Lola Mansion. It is a 4-inch toy house for $150.


There is also a cute dish chair made by an American child. What makes it special is that it has two cute ears made of plush. The price is $30.


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