Self-Propelled beach cleaners or Tractor towed beach cleaners?


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Are self-propelled beach cleaners better or worse than tractor-towed beach cleaners?

Here are a few of the top considerations:
1. With self-propelled machines, you get less beach cleaner for more money.
Across the boards, self-propelled machines cost much more than tractor and beach cleaner machine combinations. Additionally, their actual beach cleaning specifications, like cleaning width and hopper capacity, are consistently smaller than their equivalent tractor-towed machine. If you're looking for an effective, high-capacity beach cleaner, you should not need to pay more for less.

2. A Company will Excel at their Specialty:
Who probably does a better job making dependable drive mechanisms and comfortable driver cabs that are capable of maneuvering tough conditions-Tractor companies that have decades and decades of experience doing just that or a beach cleaner manufacturer that decides to fabricate one self-propelled machine in addition to their normal line?

A company will excel their specialty. Over the past 45 years of business, we've seen dozens of companies fail when they try to be jacks of all trades, because they try to extend their machines past their expertise levels. While tractor companies focus on creating machines that are comfortable and capable of propelling machinery in tough conditions and on unstable surfaces, that is not a beach cleaner manufacturer's primary focus (nor should it be). Rather, a beach cleaner manufacturer should focus on being the best at removing unwanted materials from the sand. This diffused focus only serves to weaken the quality of the product, because the manufacturer must direct energy at creating a beach cleaning machine and a drive system capable of moving it.

Tractor manufacturers are experienced in making tractors, while beach cleaner manufacturers are experienced in making beach cleaners. Get the best from each company's area of expertise, instead of getting a machine that was created outside of the manufacturer's comfort area. In beach cleaning, jacks of all trades become masters of none.

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