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Septic shouldn’t be a Nightmare for a Dream Home - Case Study


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Location: Homosassa Springs, Florida
Wastewater Technologies, Inc.

28°47’58.55”N, 82°35’37.69”W

In January of 2002, a couple in Homosassa Springs, Florida (near Orlando) had big plans for large new dream home. They had torn down their old Florida “vernacular” home design, or commonly referred to as the “Cracker Style.” They had major setbacks from the beginning due to the lot size and location; they also began construction without out the proper permits and knowing all that was involved with upgrading their septic system. When they applied for their building permit, they were advised that house was too large and it sits too close to surface water for them to build their house. There is a canal to the left of the home’s location and the main basin of the river behind the house. Advised by Florida Department of Health, they might be able to get a permit with a “Performance-based Treatment System” (PBTS) and referred the couple to M. D. Repasky, PE of Wastewater Technologies, Inc.


Wastewater Technologies, Inc. designed a system using the Bio-Microbics MicroFAST 0.75 Wastewater Treatment System, Geoflow drip tube irrigation system, and Bingham Precast Tanks. The couple was able to receive the proper building permit and
the onsite treatment system was installed in February 2004. The system is landscape-friendly by being installed in the front yard
under the garden up next to the garage.

The treated water is then reused onsite by the supplying the water for the drip irrigation system rather than directly entering the waterways and serves the elevated lower and middle levels of the gardens in the front and side yards.

The owners were and are completely satisfi ed in 2010 when Wastewater Technologies, Inc. routinely checked the system. The MicroFAST system and water reuse aspect with the drip system allowed the couple to meet the site’s setbacks, added to tax rolls, increased the valuations of nearby properties, and build their dream home.

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