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Sludge organic fertilizer machine production process

Early stage fermentation of sludge: after the compost raw materials are transported to the storage yard, weighed by the scale, sent to the mixing and mixing device, mixed with the production and living organic wastewater in the plant, added with complex bacteria, roughly adjusted the water and carbon nitrogen ratio of the compost according to the raw material composition, and mixed into the next fertilizer production process.

Primary fermentation: the mixed raw materials are sent to the primary fermentation tank by loader, piled into fermentation piles, forced ventilation from the bottom to the top of the fermentation tank is adopted by the compost windrow turner, oxygen supply is carried out, and the piles are turned in about 2 days at the same time, water (mainly organic waste water from production and living in the plant) and nutrients are supplemented, fermentation temperature is controlled at 500c-650c, aerobic fermentation is carried out, and the project is launched once The fermentation cycle is 8 days. Every day, one tank of semi-finished products is fed into one tank of raw materials. After the fermented semi-finished products are fed out, they are ready to enter the next fertilizer production process.

After the organic fertilizer machine process of sludge fermentation is completed, it is crushed by the semi wet material crusher, screened by the roller, screened out the coarse material and then fermented, the fine material can be granulated, the particle appearance is more beautiful, and the granulation rate is higher.

After fermentation, the materials (water content is 35%) are mixed by the mixer, then dried by the organic fertilizer granulator, cooled by the cooler, screened by the roller screening machine, and the unqualified products are returned to the mixer. The qualified products can be coated by the coating machine, the powder feeder, the bin and the packaging machine.