So much better in every aspect - Boode, The Netherlands - Case Study


Courtesy of DACS A/S

Erik Boode from Markelo in the Netherlands were to build his third house, but wanted a better performing ventilation system. In his search he came across the ventilation system developed by DACS.

In my DACS house it is quite different
I have two houses, each with a traditional negative pressure ventilation system from a well-known manufacturer here in the Netherlands. I spend much time trying to adjust these systems, but I am not really satisfied with the climate and the litter in these houses. Especially in the colder periods I must pay extra attention. In my DACS house it is quite different says Erik Boode.

Experiencing the difference
The new house with the DACS ventilation system was commissioned in October 2014 and now Erik Boode has a clear understanding of the difference between the two ventilation types.

No remarks
I never have to adjust the DACS system, the litter stays dry, the birds stay healthy so I never get remarks from the slaughterhouse. And the heat consumption is much lower due to the system’s utilization of the warm air trapped under the roof notes Erik.

Heat exchanger
To get permission to build the third house, Erik Boode had to install a heat exchanger. He connected it to both the DACS house and one of the negative pressure houses.

5000 kWh saved per crop
This spring I had a minor failure on the exchanger, which prevented me from using it in the DACS house for one crop. To keep identical temperature and humidity in the two houses, I had to spend 5000 kWh to run the exchanger in the house with the negative pressure system. To me this really pin points how well the DACS system performs. The DACS ventilation system is just so much better in every aspect states Erik.

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