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Spanish fish farmer chooses LIT-UV Isidro de la Cal is a Spanish group of companies that are active in the fish industry. The company controls the entire process of farming, capturing, processing and finally selling the end product to the stores where consumers buy the various fish products. The fish that is processed by Isidro de la Cal comes from various national, mainly Galician, and international destinations. Currently the company holds a market leader position in the production and commercialization of fresh fish in more than twenty countries. Next to freshly captured fish, Isidro de la Cal also produces its own farmed (aquaculture) fish. A professional team of biologists and experts in fish breeding maintains the high quality standards of the company. Last year one of the Isidro de la Cal fish farms has chosen to install a LIT UV-system to disinfect the process water. Installed are four UV-systems with twelve 350W UV-lamps each. The UV-installation is capable of treating 2.240 m³ per hour. Plant manager Alejandro Sanchón explains that the UV-system has been installed in order to disinfect the incoming sea water that is being used as process water within the fish farm. This disinfection step should improve the quality of the process water and at the same time avoid diseases. LIT’s Spanish distributor Exteco Control was selected as the supplier for the UV-systems because of the good price/quality ratio. LIT has a proven track record of supplying reliable UV-installations which are very easy to install and to operate. Another advantage was the relatively low price of replacement lamps which keeps the operational cost for Isidro de la Cal as low as possible and also avoid diseases. At the same time the installation of a UV-system has had positive effects on the growth development of the fish. “The water quality is more stable and we farm a healthier fish” says mister Sanchón.

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