Spanish Winery Pago del Vicario calculates its GHG emissions

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IIMA Consultora is responsible for estimating GHG emissions generated at the Pago del Vicario winery and of its red wine PENTA Pago del Vicario is a winery located 9 kilometres from the centre of Cuidad Real, Spain, in an area flanked by the River Guadiana on the foothills of Montes de Toledo. This is a recently created winery that has adapted to changes in society and the environment; an example being their bottle anti-counterfeit system, a pioneering initiative in Spain.

The effects of global warming in winemaking are well known at the Pago del Vicariowinery. Like many others in the sector, they are aware that alcohol potency levels have increased in recent years as a result of variations in climate. Winemaking depends on a living organism, the vine, which in turn is dependent on   certain environmental variables. Perhaps that is why the wine sector is one of the first to demonstrate interest in the effects of climate change and to seek solutions to prevent or mitigate them.

Calculating the carbon footprint is one of the first steps on this road, which is also the road to quality, clearly associated with the protection of the environment.
To do this, Pago del Vicario has put its trust in IIMA Consultora, environmental consultants with extensive experience in the carbon sector, to calculate its carbon footprint. Carbon footprint: the first step in the fight against climate change The carbon footprint is the measure of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated throughout the lifecycle of a product, organisation or service, usually expressed in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Nowadays, there are numerous guides and methodological tools to assist those interested in calculating the carbon footprint. Among the most relevant is Bilan Carbon, developed in France in 2003. This was the tool used in the region of Champagne, the first in the world to calculate their carbon footprint. A few years later, in 2007, came the first tool and methodology specific to the sector of wine, the International Wine Carbon Calculator. However, due to limitations in its calculation and the subsequent proliferation of standards, the international organisation of vineyards and wine, the OIV, has decided to develop a new methodology. Until this is released others are filling this gap.

The international standard ISO 14.064 for implementation in organisations and the PAS2050 standard for products driven by DEFRA and the Carbon Trust in the United Kingdom are two of them.

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