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Spent grain dewatering

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1. Back ground:
Firms that produce alcoholic beverages from grain are an important market for dewatering Powerful Belt Press. The industry firms consist mostly of beer brewers and distilleries. Their raw materials are barley, corn, wheat, rice, and other grains. They all produce a common by-product: spent grain.

Spent grain is the name given to material left after the grain is fermented and the alcoholic solution is drawn off. It is used as a cattle feed because of its protein content. The value to the farmer is not great, so smaller breweries are pleased to give the material away for free if the farmer will truck it.

Spent grain is normally wet, with 80% to 85% moisture content. In this state it is heavy to haul, and it is likely to drip while being transported. Furthermore, it will go sour in a few days. Therefore there is a need to dewater the spent grain if the brewer is of any significant size.

The practice is to run spent grain through a press. Typically our powerful type press will reduce the moisture content into the range of 50% to 60%. At this point the weight will have been reduced by a third to a half, and the 'shelf life' will have been extended.

2.Brief introduction:
In the production of ethanol, a valuable by-product of the spent grain is produced. Whether the spent grain is from corn, wheat, barley or rye, it has a high value once dried. The main use of the dried mash is in the animal feed industry where the product is used to supplement e.g. ruminant diets.

DY-QNP series powerful type belt filer press is a new type dewatering equipment specially developed in light of actual need of spent grain dewatering by successfully absorbing the advanced techniques of pressure filter home and abroad through many years research and testing. It is the best choice for dewatering of spent grain like wheat beer brewery mash. This equipment has the characteristics as continuous working, good dewatering effects, lower power consumption, lower noisy, easy for operation and maintenance. It is a very good processing equipment of high moisture spent grain before drying with energy saving greatly.

3. Working process:
Lay the material to the filter belt through the feed tank, and then press repeatedly through gravity dewatering zone, cramping dewatering zone, and S shape pressing dewatering zone. The water is pressed out and drained out of the sink in the lower part, and the residues after repeated dewatering is discharged by the scraper discharging device.

This type belt press is specially designed to compress the spent grain in order to ensure maximum dewatering, high grade of solids and less moisture. Applications include waste streams from the grain processing industry such as distilleries, breweries, gazohol plants, corn wet milling and the starch industry.
• Presscake with the lowest moisture content
• Construction with a special concentration system, available to press original slurry directly.
• Big capacity with advanced slurry distribution system.
• Reliable and stable in operation
• Reinforce structure design
• Longer lifetime - low maintenence cost
• Lower power consumption

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