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Stand Up Office Makes Your Afternoon More Energetic

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How to improve your efficiency? Here's a look at the benefits of using a movable stand up desk. Sedentary is the root cause of many chronic diseases. The movable stand up desk can alleviate the adverse effects of sedentary. This new office method can not only relieve stress, but also adjust your body to make your energy more abundant.
Working at the desk all day, sitting still for a long time, slowly began to feel pain in the back and cervical spine; after lunch and at 3-4 pm, many people may feel that it is the most dizzy and most difficult of the day's work. At this time, standing for a while always feels a lot more comfortable.
Working for a long time to sit still affects health, and medical research suggests that sitting for a long time can lead to obesity, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis and even cerebral thrombosis and cancer.
After standing work, the posture is effectively improved, the neck and shoulders are no longer forward, the muscles on the legs can be exercised and there is no back pain caused by sedentary. The body gets proper exercise during work.
Can a movable stand up desk increase productivity?
Advocate employees to choose to work in a standing position rather than sitting posture. In spirit, standing can make people's minds more clear; physically, standing helps the body to maintain symmetry. When sitting, it is more likely to cause bad postures such as leaning back and kneeling forward, while standing is more likely to be in a comfortable position.
With the relaxation of the body to promote the relaxation of the spirit, on the one hand to improve work efficiency, on the other hand, it also helps employees to be healthy.

Having said that, is it incredible?
Provide a few of the principles of attention when standing, as well as a few simple health care exercises to make the lower limbs blood more active and smooth.
1. The knees are slightly bent and the knees are relaxed.
2. The left and right feet are interchanged and the center of gravity is constantly replaced.
3. Turn the waist to activate the blood circulation
4. Women do not stand in high heels, keep the correct posture
5. Sitting and standing alternately according to the actual situation, it is not suitable for standing for too long.
In addition to standing and working, the comfortable office environment and intimate employee care will also increase your productivity.