Stealth reuse Ocala`s airport solution

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In 1996, the City of Ocala constructed a subsurface reuse irrigation project in the clear zone at the local airport. This site is the first reuse project permitted on an airport property by FAA in the southeast in over 20 years. The site is a key element in Ocala’s reuse system, which was recently named the MOST INNOVATIVE AND EFFECTIVE REUSE SYSTEM in EPA Region 4. The site earned the nickname STEALTH REUSE for it’s almost invisible presence despite being located next to two of Ocala’s most traveled roads. In addition, the project flew through FFA and FDER permitting without a hitch and came in under the NIMBY radar with no public opposition. The system consists of a small operations building housing a filtration system and valve controllers, and a 44-acre wetted area underlain by a network of mains and distribution pipes. The site has operated successfully at an average of 500,000 gpd over a three-year period. Monitoring data reveals that groundwater quality has not been adversely effected despite high loading rates.

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