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Sunset Colony Study


Courtesy of Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company, LLC

“We have had the Silver Bullet AG300 unit now for ten months with great measurable results. This system is currently on our water line, treating the swine gestation, farrowing and nursery. The unit can treat 75,000 gallons of water per day and will be injected into our large water tank to treat our swine gestation, farrowing, nursery, finishers and dairy. What I like about the Silver Bullet system is that it is rented monthly and our distributor (Prairie Livestock Supply) handles all of the water testing and maintenance on the equipment. I recommend the Silver Bullet system to any operations that are producing swine, turkey, dairy, or beef cattle.


The Silver Bullet system has reduced the looseness in our animals’ stool. I am very impressed with what is happening; loose stool is not an issue anymore. After we move the nursery pigs to the finisher barn, their stool stays firm. We are also treating the finisher’s facility with the Silver Bullet system.

We have seen our average daily weight gain increase in our nursery and a 75% reduction in amoxicillin usage for treating our swine for strep. Before installing the Silver Bullet, if we didn’t use amoxicillin, we had to treat 75 pigs per week for strep and now we don’t have to treat with amoxicillin. Our water line began to clean out within the first week of the Silver Bullet equipment being installed and has stayed clean ever since.”

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