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Superb Stabilizer for Sony a7R III - ZHIYUN Crane Plus

three axes one-handed stabilizer by Zhiyun. So what's different about this compared to the crane v2 well physically it's exactly the same and all the basic functions are still there but aesthetically it's a little bit different and let me tell you they up the bling on this one rose gold screws and I kind of like it the subtleness of it really helps distinguish this from the previous models oh and I love how they now include a sturdy set of tripod legs which helps setting down the crane.

When you're not using it this was something that they included with the crane too so it is good that they're doing so for the crane pluses on the software side of things there are a few but major features added to the crane Plus and a lot of which will require the zhiyun play app on your smartphone and really with the Zhiyun crane plus main focus is with the zhiyun play app and using it in conjunction

With the Zhiyun gimbal to perform and automate intricate and complicated movements for your next shots, for example, you can use the motion memory feature to program camera movements to save it and have it repeat that same movement every time you can also use the intelligent object tracking feature to track a moving subject and you can use the night lapse feature and automate a moving time-lapse with long exposure so if you're curious about how all this stuff works. However, the most interesting addition to the crane plus is the 45-degree POV mode which allows you to perform these touch angle shots and really helps add a whole other level to these dynamic shots that you can create with it when you combine it with slow motion.

And when flying on the crane is the fact that you can now amp up the monitor brightness on the LCD when I'm shooting in 4k before it wasn't possible when shooting in 4k when you were using the older Sony camera so whenever you shoot in broad daylight it was just impossible to see what our footage look like but confidence every time quick footnote though when you increase the monitor brightness on the LCD screen your image may look a little oversaturated but don't worry it does not affect the actual footage just use it to frame your shot and use zebras to gauge your exposure.

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