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Survey of lanthanoids in plants from a tropical region


Several anthropogenic sources may provide lanthanoids (La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Tb and Yb) to the agricultural and forestry landscapes. Because little information is available on the distribution of these chemical elements in Brazilian tropical ecosystems, this work focuses on the survey in leaves of diverse plant species (native trees, epiphytes and crops) from different ecosystems. Soil under crown projection was also analysed, thereby estimating the influence of its chemical composition on accumulation in leaves. The degree of lanthanoids accumulation varied substantially even for species growing in the same habitat. The most accumulator species, Alsophila sternbergii, presented the typical distribution pattern for lanthanoids, different from Pachystroma longifolium, a native species from the urban fragment, and the cultivated Citrus sp., in which the altered patterns revealed lanthanum enrichment in spite of cerium depletion in the leaves.

Keywords: lanthanoids, rare earth elements, bioaccumulation, Brazil, INAA, tropical regions, chemical elements, leaves, native trees, epiphytes, crops, ecosystems

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