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Sustainavle procurement of wood and paper-based products.

Almost half of the Earth’s original forest cover has been converted to other land uses (Bryant et al., 1997). Although estimated rates of net loss seem to indicate a slowdown, the total forest area continues to decrease; today forests extend over an estimated 30% of the total land area (FAO, 2006).

Interest in procurement of wood and paper-based goods produced in a sustainable manner is growing. Concerned consumers, retailers, investors, communities, governments, and other groups increasingly  want to know that in buying and consuming these products they are making positive social and environmental contributions.

In what is often described as “sustainable procurement”, organizations are looking beyond price, quality, availability and functionality to consider other factors in their procurement decisions including environmental (the effects that the products and/or services have on the environment) and social aspects (labor conditions, indigenous peoples’ and workers’ rights, etc.) (Environmentally and Socially Responsible Procurement Working Group, 2007).

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