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Sustaining California agriculture in an uncertain future

About the Pacific Institute

The Pacific Institute is one of the world’s leading independent nonprofits conducting research and advocacy to create a healthier planet and sustainable communities. Based in Oakland, California, we conduct interdisciplinary research and partner with stakeholders to produce solutions that advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity—in California, nationally, and internationally. We work to change policy and find real-world solutions to problems like water shortages, habitat destruction, global warming, and environmental injustice. Since our founding in 1987, the Pacific Institute has become a locus for independent, innovative thinking that cuts across traditional areas of study, helping us make connections and bring opposing groups together. The result is effective, actionable solutions addressing issues in the fields of freshwater resources, climate change, environmental justice, and globalization. More information about the Institute and our staff, directors, funders, and programs can be found at

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