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Swedish inter-organisational learning network: outcomes in three dimensions

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Based on findings from a national Swedish competence development project, known as krAft, this study focuses on the relevance of inter-organisational learning networks set up to support managerial competence development in SMEs. The networks that comprise the project are coordinated by a University consortium made up of four Universities in Sweden. Owner-Managers from SMEs in this project were combined into various networks, where a primary focus placed on learning. Interpretations of data from interviews with participants from one of these learning networks suggest constructed inter-organisational network an effective method to support learning of Owner-Managers from SMEs. This paper categorises learning outcomes, as cognitive (knowledge), psychodynamic (emotion), and social (collaboration). A synthesis of these three types of learning outcomes can be used to further develop one's business. The analysis demonstrates that the network method in relation to more traditional learning methods has strengths in developing psychodynamic and social outcomes.

Keywords: SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises, Sweden, inter-organisational learning networks, learning outcomes, competence development, managerial competence, business development

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