Tahiti: Shrimp intensification excellence


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

Advanced techniques for super intensive shrimp cultivation are common in Tahiti due to researchers high-tech expertise on this land-limited island. Most farms are stocked with Penaeus vannamei or P.stylirostris shrimp at densities of 100 to 120 animals per m 2. Production rates average 20,000 kg per hectare per year.

Survival rates are 70 per cent. Researchers compared aerators. Tests showed the AIRE-O2® aerator delivered the highest oxygen transfer rate per kilowatt hour. A researcher said, 'The high oxygen transfer rate, circulation capabilities and low energy costs make the AIRE-O2® unit the most effective aerator for our intensive conditions.' Also, the aerators maintain good pond water control during the critical night-time hours. For more information, contact Aeration Industries.

The AIRE-O2® system was the most efficient aerator in research tests.

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