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Tennessee - Winery case study


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In the spring of 2006, Williamson County, Tennessee officials were approached about the possibility of the development of the first winery in the county. Co-owned by country music celebrity Kix Brooks (half of the superstar duo Brooks and Dunn), Arrington Vineyards was proposed in the small-unincorporated community of Arrington, which has no public sewer.

The technical experts at Quanics were faced with the task of treating process wastewater with as much as 4000 ppm BOD and 1500 ppm TSS. Quanics proposed the use of 4 settling tanks, with commercial effluent filters and two Bio-COIR fixed media filters. The treated process water was then dosed to a 3-zone low-pressure pipe system.

The Bio-COIR advanced treatment system media consists of 100% short and medium coconut husk fibers. These natural fibers are long lasting and durable. The fibrous nature of the Bio-COIR media also provides excellent structure for air movement, which is necessary for efficient aerobic treatment. This system is similar in technology to sand filters that have been used extensively in winery treatment systems. However, sand filters have been found to clog and require more intensive maintenance than other filters in this setting.

As with all advanced treatment systems, maintenance of the system is necessary to ensure long-lasting reliable performance. In accordance with an agreement required by the Williamson County Board of Health, the winery will enter into a perpetual service contract with a Level 5 management entity. This Quanics approved service provider will be trained to operate and maintain the Bio-COIR and all its related components.

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