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The agricultural sector as the main power of the green economy in Indonesia

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One of the main powerhouses of the Indonesian economy is the development of its agriculture. Indonesia has two major possibilities for the development of its economy. These include both human and natural resources. In this paper we explore the role of the Indonesian Agricultural Sector and its possible role as the powerhouse of the Green Economy. A survey methodology was used to obtain the data via interviewing methods which focused on three main points, namely perception, appreciation, and interest in agriculture. We investigated how the public reacted to current conditions. The purpose of this research is to remind people (especially young people who are much less aware today) about the importance of the agricultural sector as a key element in a green economy. It is also an attempt to maintain the survival of the earth, whilst simultaneously meeting the primary needs of human beings in the future.

Keywords: agricultural sector, young generation, young people, green economics, agriculture, Indonesia

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