The Challenge of Ethylene Absorption: Extend Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables


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Partner Meeting 2016
The Challenge of Ethylene Absorption: Extend Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables

In February we once again held our international meeting for all post-harvest partners.

This year we had speakers from throughout the world, with extensive knowledge and professional experience, to discuss different topics of utmost importance for developing our lines of business.

Different points of view were expounded in depth on the transport of fresh products: trends, factors that affect quality during transport in refrigerated containers, controlled atmospheres, etc.

Of course, we talked about the effect of ethylene while transporting and storing fresh produce, and the benefits of applying ethylene absorption technologies to manage to extend Shelf Life of fruits and vegetables for the benefit of all parties involved in the distribution chain.

During the three days of the conference, there were also debates and workshops, at which different experiences and opinions were shared for the enrichment of all participants.

The talks were filmed and we will continue uploading the videos to our recently launched YouTube channel, which I recommend that you subscribe to by clicking on this link: Bioconservacion channel.

We took advantage of the occasion to thank all attendees' for their spectacular participation and, especially, our speakers' contributions:

  • Mr. Niccolo Moreno – General Manager Bioconservacion
  • Mr. Javier Sánchez – Chief Technology Officer Bioconservacion
  • Mr Alex Von Stempel – Director Cool Logistics Resources
  • Dr.Francisco Artes- Hernández -Postharvest and Refrigeration Group, University of Cartagena)
  • Mr Leo Lukasse - Specialist Climate Control at Wageningen University & Research centre)
  • Mr. R.B.H. Wills – University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Mr.Gino Ansaldi – Sales & Service Mgr. Thermo King
  • Mr. Tomas Pellisé - Director Depot Service Mantainer, S.A.
  • Ms. Pilar Plaza – Researcher in IRTA
  • Mr. Giovanni Laverde – Sales Mgr. Agrisale
  • Dr. Steve Brabbs - DuPont Protection Solutions, Luxembourg
  • Mr. Mustafa Dogan - DuPont Protection Solutions, Luxembourg

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