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The first council run pet crematorium in England - Case Study


Courtesy of Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

Desire to support local Pet Cremation requirements
In 2016 members of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council realised that there was a gap in the services that they were offering their residents. Recognising the growth in the Pet Cremation industry which is now worth more than £100,000,000 a year and realising that the nearest operating service to them was almost an hours drive away in Doncaster it was decided that they would investigate providing the service directly.

The search begins
Getting in touch with Addfield alongside several other UK and international suppliers of Pet Cremation machines they began the journey to find the right solution for there needs.

After deciding to locate the service in the beautiful grounds of local heritage site Canon Hall Park, they needed a solution that would be discreet, reliable and simple to run inconspicuously.

After several meetings and site visits to Addfields factory and the site on Canon Hall where the machine was to be installed it was agreed that the PET-200 Containerised Pet Cremation machine would be the right solution for them.

The first in the country
“We believe we are the first council in the country to build and operate a pet crematorium. Our services will work and pay for itself, putting the money back into the services.

This is a very nice place for people to walk their dogs, they are used to coming here and having the facility onsite they can come in here see the way we will deal with their pet. This facility has been created to work well and blend in with the old slate and the background of canon hall itself.

A big thankyou to Addfield Environmental for all the work you have done with us. We have already had people ask us when they can bring their pet as this is the first facility in the area, with the next nearest is in Doncaster which is a long way to go to.” Councillor Roy Miller – Cabinet Spokesperson – Place – Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

A containerised PET-200 was selected.
The PET-200 is currently the most popular dedicated pet cremation machine across Europe, highly efficient and cost effective to operate and able to cremate up to 8 animals a day. Having a spacious chamber which can easily take all household pets up to large family dogs without any trouble.