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The future of grow light technology

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The vision, to create a lighting system so intelligent, it communicates with the plant. Allowing growers to enhance, adjust or suppress certain characteristics of the plant. Basic requirements met will usually end with a healthy harvest. A plant that's communicating and working with its environment will grow into its full and desired potential. Thats right, communicating with plants is not just sci-fi material anymore. In fact life on earth will eventually depend on it. 

Global warming is starting to scare more then just the environmentally conscious now. All over the world we are seeing more ramifications of our abuse of resources. Battering the earth to get them, polluting the oceans and atmosphere using them irresponsibly. Could there be a reason for such little government funding to explore the oceans? Even though it is on our planet and we have yet to discover so much. Most likely because of a loss of hope for this planet. This is why all our attention and focus lies on finding a new habitable planet, a new untainted world to call home.

NASA and many other space exploration organizations have been researching and exploring the idea of growing plants in space. This takes the cake for growing in a completely synthetic environment. Everything from the light to oxygen is created from humans without the help of mother nature. More problems arise of course. Gravity for example plays a large part in stem growth, without the need to develop strong infrastructure, the plant will grow abnormally. Although many of us are still focused on this planet, Who's to say we can't steal some of their knowledge and technology.

A few companies now, have come out with light systems that can adjust its spectrum and light intensity based on it's communications with the plant. It does this by understanding it's needs, and using sensors to monitor the condition and how it's using the light. The data is collected and stored for the users, for their own educational purposes and advancements for their next crop. We have come along way from using our aquarium lights on your plants, so why stop here.

When it comes to efficient systems with the primary focus of a more sustainable solution for agriculture, Transparency is huge. Companies of all sectors need to share their research in hopes of building a greener tomorrow. You can find lighting system companies, including those for agriculture and hydroponics, here.