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The global and regional developments in international law and electronic communication

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Electronic communication has caused a substantial change in the way people communicate worldwide. This, in turn, has had a strong impact on the classic approach of law, particularly international law, to various procedures, standards and institutes that were standard for decades with regard to precedents and legal documents. The role and impact of varying global and regional approaches on regulation of the electronic communication in international law is discussed in this article. This article discusses what aspects of electronic communication are currently the focus of global international organisations like the United Nations (UN) and its specialised organisations and regional international organisations such as the European Union (EU) all from the point of view of international law. The situation with the UN has been presented through a Convention that regulates the use of electronic communication in international contracts, while a number of EU regulations that relate to frameworks, networks, services and access to electronic communication are reviewed.

Keywords: international law, global organisations, regional organisations, electronic communications, ICT, information technology, e-communications, United Nations, UN, European Union, EU

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