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The intellectual roots of latecomer industrial development

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I argue that a secure platform for strategising around industrial development can be built on insights from three streams of literature: the latecomer in history (associated with Gerschenkron), and the special advantages that may be derived from recognition of the latecomer effect; latecomer industrial dynamics, and in particular the flying geese patterns of industry transfer from country to country, associated with Akamatsu; and increasing returns, forward and backward linkages and other aspects of disequilibrium dynamics, associated in a development context particularly with Hirschman. These sources place the emphasis where it belongs – on the initiatives taken by the developing country itself utilising strategies that complement disequilibrium industrial dynamics.

Keywords: latecomer development, Gerschenkron, Akamatsu, Hirschman, flying geese industrial dynamics, circular causation, cumulative causation, collective entrepreneurship, industrial development, strategy, globalisation, disequilibrium dynamics, developing countries

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