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The new landscape of immigrant entrepreneurship in France

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The objective of this paper is to draw a statistical portrait of the immigrant entrepreneurship in France and provide elements of interpretation. The most visible shape of this entrepreneurship is trade, but the craft industry is numerically important. For 20 years, French researchers have highlighted a series of explanatory factors. If the segmentation of activities and the development of subcontracting significantly supported the increase of the immigrant companies in the craft sector, research undertaken on foreign tradesmen strongly suggests that the existence of more favourable conditions. Today, new approaches are based on an economy of diaspora and/or a circulatory economy.

Keywords: immigrant entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, craftsmen, shopkeepers, statistics, segmentation, subcontracting, illegal work, construction, garment industry, trade, adaptation, resources, strategies, transnational networks, diaspora economy, circulatory economy, France, apparel industry, clothing industry, immigrant business, globalisation

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