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The project proposal for integrated farming system environmental approaches in Sri-Lanka

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The Sewalanka is a well established non profitable organization that works with partnership with rural village and capacity-building programs to support the development sustainable solutions for community survival education and growth.

The Sewalanka has several farms in Sri-Lanka. This establishment promotes the services to the farmer societies. Our organization has many training centers. Office and farms are found in district level of the Island. Our services successfully achieve in farmer societies. The Sewalanka has several focal points in the field of agriculture. The establishment of Agriculture farming in sustainable manner is one of them.

Background of project area
Our project area is located at Rajangana, in Anuradhapura in the North Central Province of Sri-Lanka. The Anuradhapura is one of the historical Agricultural regions in Sri-Lanka. The Sewalanka has farm at Anuradhapura called Islander centre. There 70 acres of land is available for mixed farming practice. That farm was divided into Block-A and Block-B for our convenience. Block A is 36 acres in which paddy is cultivated for paddy seed production. Block B has 34 acres for mixed cropping & other farm practices.

Rajangana is a farm in which the production of animals and crops are applied at the same time in the same unit of area. The Sewalanka established Rajangana farm in the Anuradhapura with a view to establish sustainable agriculture, through assistance to start Agriculture farming production and buildup Sewalanka capacity for sustainable agriculture and economic development. Project included establishment of integrated farming system, mixed cropping, plant propagation, including forest conservation and livestock development.

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