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The Soiland Company Case Study


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The Soiland Company, North Bay’s largest recycler of rubble materials, saw their electric bills double overnight due to a rate redesign.They decided to expand their existing solar capacity and looked to local installer North Coast Solar for more effective solutions. The environmentally conscious company wanted to offset demand from the nearby Stony Point Rock Quarry while displacing the most CO2. From their past experience with a large fixed-mount system, they requested better economics, more productivity, and the most sustainable configuration for this followup investment.



By specifying 33 Series-24 AllEarth Solar Trackers, North Coast Solar was able to best meet Soiland’s upfront targets ofoffsetting at least 50% of quarry power usage, significantly reducing time of use (TOU) or peaktime penalties, making large improvements on Soiland’s environmental impact, and providing a 7-year return on investment.The unique tracker design also met the company’s sustainable land use goals, giving them more options to keep surrounding land in harmony with animals and other agricultural uses.


This project met its production goals, with 2,096kWh peak day production to date (significantly offsetting quarry demand as early as 7:00 am) and 56,639kWh output in the first peak months of 2014, exceeding PVWatts’ forecast by over 20%. Matching the annual estimated production of 439,100kWh would require a 330 kW+ fixed array, or more than 528 additional PV panels.

"The decision to go solar not only made economic sense, but really aligned with Soiland`s values. Since the company`s inception, we have always strived to be sustainable and environmentally responsible."

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