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The water crisis in the Inner Niger Delta, Mali

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  1. Bakary KoneWetlands International Mali
  2. Inner Niger Delta: a wetland in a dry worldInner Niger Delta
  3. Niger B ani HAUT NIGER HAUT BANIWhy is the flooding of the InnerNiger Delta to variable?
  4. Annual rainfall(mm/yr) at Sikasso source : DNM
  5. Inundated area during the flood seasonx 1000 km 2 1923-2011
  6. 2010 Inundated area 2011
  7. Sélingué dam
  8. Impact of the Sélingué dam on monthly discharge: reducing peak flows vider Source: EDM remplir
  9. The Office du Niger irrigation schemeand its Markala dam
  10. Combined impacts of Selingué and Office du Niger (perte : 650 km2 + 370 km2 )
  11. Impact of planned schemes especially in dry years Future loss : 1700 km2
  12. Fréquence en 30 ans (1982 – 2011) Catastrophic years (like 1984) Less than 8000 km2 frequency Now 1 / 30 Planned Fomi,Talo, 1/4Djenné, extension ON Bad years (like 2011)moins que 10.000 km2 fréquence Now 1/3 Planned Fomi,Talo, 1/2Djenné, extension ON
  13. Impact of a changing climate is already noticeable elh Sa a+ ial ar d h on Sa m
  14. The future ? A warmer Sahel : + 2-7 °C within 80 ans A drier Sahel : déclin 0 - 40 % less rainfall Less inundation: jusque 40 %Se ne g al Niger GAO Delta MOPTI Intérie ur SEGOU du Nig er BAMAKO
  15. www.wetlands.org/IND

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