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The water-energy-climate nexus in Mexico`s agricultural use of groundwater

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Human water use is a main driver of the spatial distribution and temporal availability of water resources globally (Vörösmarty et al. 2000). In the specific case of groundwater sources there are three interlinked processes that drive water balances in diverse regions globally: 1) intensification of groundwater irrigation, 2) electrical energy supply for agriculture, and 3) climatic variability. These combined conditions make groundwater management highly challenging for policy makers. The scope of research and management of water has been broadening both in the academia and policy arenas to include energy considerations in the face of climate change phenomena (Colby and Frisvold, 2011; Kenney and Wilkinson, 2011; Fisher and Ackerman, 2011; Carter, 2010). In the present study (adapted from Scott, 2011) the nexus between groundwater balances and energy is established by the electricity pricing for the agricultural sector that drives water extraction.

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