Timber frame and post and beam construction


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Timber framing and 'post-and-beam' construction are a unit strategies of building with heavy weight timbers instead of dimensional timber like 2'x4's. Timber framing is sometimes additionally known as post and beams because as it is evident for its name that it is a way of using frame made of timber wood for construction because it acts as the main structure providing support to the building. Timber framing is the traditional method to build a framework for building construction.

Timber Framing

Timber Framing is a centuries old construction methodology of making houses and buildings using timber frames in the structure of the building as base. Communities throughout the globe are living in these structures for past hundreds of years. It is there for several reasons, the unlimited supply of ready to be used timber frames, and the convenience of assembly, the sturdiness, strength and longevity of the wood and also its aesthetic attractiveness.

Timber framing may be a specialty craft that needs careful joinery, specialty tools, efficient and patient carpenters. Some experienced workers of timber framing use solely hand tools out of deference for the craft tradition. Timber framing leans to be dearer than timber post and beam construction, in spite of the fact that some of the supplementary worth is counterbalanced by the very actuality that an exquisite timber frame doesn't need to be constrained to concede shear dividers or infill surrounding to achieve lateral stability and strength.

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