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Timber Merchants Install Company-First Solar PV System Case Study


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Mr Harlow stated that once the Harlow Board had approved a budget for their renewable energy works throughout the Harlow Group, there was only one company that they trusted to survey their sites and give an honest opinion as to the best way forward for their company and that was Noble Green Energy (then trading as Bowler Energy).

The requirement

Mr Harlow had known and traded with John Bowler (founder of Bowler Energy) directly for so many years that the reciprocal business back was paramount to him. Noble Green Energy were the only company that quoted for the Harlow work. He visited our offices to meet the team and from there, developed a comprehensive plan which was fully costed and included all money saving returns and payback.

Added value

Mr Harlow commented that Noble Green Energy had been most helpful at all stages - from arranging planning, installing the panels, commissioning the system through to office support after the installations had been running.

He would recommend Noble Green Energy every time.

Customer comments

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