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Tips And Vital Points For Solar Irrigation Projects

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The Article highlights important points that should be taken care of from planning to commissioning of a solar powered irrigation project. For example: points to consider during sizing of the project; defining the objectives of the project; study of the project site with respect to the historical site solar data and climate data. There are points to consider during installation of the project, shading of the solar array area, safety and earthing, etc.

Using Solar Power for Irrigation is a very useful way to become fully independent when it comes to Irrigation. Solar Power Can Truelly Energize the Way our Farming Process Works. Traditionally Diesel Generators have been utilized to provide pump water from a water source below ground. The burning of diesel has very devastating effects on our Environment, and also to the health of Humans and Cattles employed in farming. If you ask me, having spent great part of my life in installing Solar water pumping systems at farms in India, Solar Water Pumping is the Next Great Thing to happen to Farming after Tractors.

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