Tips to Buy Eco Friendly Commercial Carpet Cleaner

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Being eco friendly is one of the essential virtues for a cleaning machine. Commercial carpet cleaner machines are no exception to this rule. In fact, this is more relevant for carpet cleaners than for any other cleaning machines. Carpet cleaning machines are widely used in residences, commercial buildings, and industrial settings. If these machines are not eco-friendly, that will have far ranging consequences.

Carpet Cleaners and Cleaning Agents
Unlike other cleaning machines such as pressure washers and carpet cleaners, commercial carpet cleaner machines depend on cleaning agents for effective cleaning. Carpet cleaning machines work by injecting a mixture of cleaning agent and water into mats, carpets, and other soft surfaces that need cleaning.

The cleaning agent acts on the surface and breaks or weakens the link between dirt and carpet surfaces. This will make the work of carpet cleaners easier. After allowing sufficient time to the cleaning agents to act on the surface, cleaning workers agitate the surface vigorously with the wand attached to the machine. The agitation would lead to the formation of dirt residues, which can be easily extracted by the machine.

From the mode of working, it can be understood that there are two ways by which a commercial carpet cleaner can harm the environment:

  • By the action of the cleaning agents
  • By the action of the machine.

Let’s understand how to reduce or minimize environment pollution in both the situations.

Cleaning Agents
There are two types of cleaning agents: artificial detergents and green chemicals. Artificial detergents are synthetic chemicals, manufactured particularly for removing dirt and impurities from mats and carpets. The problem with the use of such chemicals is that toxic residues will be left on the surface. At least in some cases, the residues are so toxic that it would have been much safer to leave the original dirt and impurities on the carpets.

Green chemicals are derived from plants and vegetables. These cleaning agents do not contain any toxic residues. They clean as efficiently as the synthetic cleaning agents. One can easily understand the advantages of using green chemicals along with commercial carpet cleaner machines.

The basic concept is to lessen the use of any type of cleaning agents. If a cleaning agent has to be used, it should be green chemicals over synthetic detergents.

Cleaning Machines
Industrial carpet cleaner machines with heated output help loosen dirt and stains better than non-heated versions. Such commercial best carpet cleaner machines can provide an output temperature of 210°F. The heated output can melt or weaken the bond between dirt and impurities. By limiting the use of cleaning agents, such industrial carpet cleaner machines keep the environment clean and pollution free.

Separate Wands
The best carpet cleaner machines have one more advantage. These machines have separate wands for carpets and seat upholstery. In ordinary carpet cleaning machines, there is just one cleaning wand. By default, this is for cleaning carpets.

Using a separate wand for cleaning seat upholstery improves the efficiency of cleaning. So, using the best carpet cleaners with multiple wands reduces the need for using synthetic detergents.


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