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Towards collaborative agro-innovation in developing countries: the Caribbean perspective

Innovation has been recognised as a distinctive input to wealth creation through the stimulation of new ideas, processes and products. A nation's economic prosperity has been attributed to the concerted efforts in research and development, technology transfer and collaboration among firms, knowledge institutions and the government. This paper discusses the challenges and determinants of agro-operations and innovation initiatives in developing countries. With particular reference to the Caribbean region, available country statistics and data are analysed. A generic model of collaborative innovation for agriculture that stresses collaboration among the stakeholders (government, knowledge institutions, public and private firms and others) is described. Drawn from the experience of The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the paper illustrates the rationale and the action agenda of the country to revitalise its agro-operations and innovation capabilities for sustainable development. The country's experience may provide insights for other developing countries in the areas of innovation capability building and technology transfer.

Keywords: collaborative innovation, agricultural sector, Caribbean countries, agro-innovation, developing countries, Trinidad and Tobago, sustainable development, innovation capabilities, technology transfer, agriculture

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