Trait! NK603 RUR test kit part number 7000011 - application for bulk Canola testing


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Intended Use

The intended use of the kit is the qualitative (yes/no) determination of the CP4 EPSPS protein in canola bulk seed and grain
samples. The Trait! NK603 RUR test strip has a detection limit of one (1) Roundup Ready (CP4 EPSPS) canola seed in 1000
non-RUR canola seeds.

Product Description

The Trait! NK603 RUR Test Strip detects the CP4 EPSPS protein expressed by a gene derived from Agrobacterium sp. strain
CP4. These genes have been incorporated into herbicide-resistant soybean, corn, cotton, canola and other crops including
Roundup Ready® brands from Monsanto and other companies. The lateral flow test strip has been optimized to easily detect the
CP4 EPSPS protein expressed in the bulk grain, seed and leaf. The lateral flow strips in this package are sufficient to detect the
presence or absence of the CP4 EPSPS protein in up to 100 bulk grain samples. This product can screen Roundup Ready canola
grain at specified levels.

Principle of the Test

The assay uses a double antibody sandwich format. Antibodies specific to the CP4 EPSPS protein are coupled to a color reagent
and incorporated into the lateral flow strip. When the lateral flow strip is placed in a small amount of an extract from plant tissue
that contains CP4 EPSPS protein, binding occurs between the coupled antibody and the protein. A sandwich is formed with some, but not all the antibody that is coupled to the color reagent. The membrane contains two capture zones, one captures the bound CP4 EPSPS protein and the other captures color reagent. These capture zones display a reddish color when the sandwich and/or unreacted colored reagents are captured in the specific zones on the membrane. The presence of only one line (control line) on the membrane indicates a negative sample and the presence of two lines indicates a positive sample.

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