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University and Company Team Up for Composting and Recycling


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Sodexho Marriott Services is a food and facilities management company that operates in the corporate, health care and education markets. Its expertise is rooted in areas such as meals, landscaping, housekeeping, plant operations, etc. But for the past several years, the company has teamed up with New Mexico State University (NMSU) to run a campus composting and recycling program that utilizes advantages of both the corporate and collegiate worlds. Started in July, 1994, the cooperative solid waste management program — called “Aggie Recycling” — achieved a 25 percent diversion rate within three years, made 500 tons of yard trimmings compost and diverted 2,123 tons of recyclable materials. The teamwork also earned Aggie Recycling an EPA Environmental Excellence Award in Recycling in November, 1998.

Before the inception of Aggie Recycling, the university relied on volunteers for collecting recyclables generated by its 21,250 students, faculty and staff. In 1993, it asked Kerry Krumsiek — who was running a countywide recycling program elsewhere in the state — to write a grant proposal for purchase of recycling equipment. After funding was approved, NMSU offered him the position of campus solid waste/recycling manager. “The university realized it already had landscape management under contract with Marriott, so the idea was to add my position as manager to the contract,” explains Krumsiek, who began in the summer of 1994. “I think it’s turned out to be quite an enhancement. You get the best of each side and its resources.”
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University and Company Team Up for Composting and Recycling
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