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University food waste composting

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The University of Salford has seen recycling rates increase dramatically since beginning trials of the A500 Rocket® in-vessel composting system purchased in February 2007 from Macclesfield based manufacturers Accelerated Compost.
Already recycling many materials such as plastics, cardboard, metals, timber and paper, Graeme Holland, Facilities Manager at the University, wanted to find a safe and hygienic solution to their food waste problem. 'The landfill escalator was a major factor in our decision to look for more recycling routes. Waste collection costs were rising and
we wanted to keep these costs down. Food waste was becoming more and more of an issue. It was a blot on our landscape and the smell was attracting vermin to the skips in between collections,' he commented. However, the Rocket® composter is solving this issue and is saving the University money too. 'This was the final link in our recycling chain and has provided us with a completely closed loop recycling system for all our food waste. Previously we would be paying for the collection of food waste and buying in compost for our own landscaping needs. Now all food waste is safely treated on-site, cutting our waste collection costs and we are saving money on buying in compost due to the excellent product the Rocket® produces.'

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