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USDA Give A Little More Background On Rancho Recall

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The United States Department of Agriculture has gone to great lengths in alerting consumers to the scope of the Rancho Feeding Corporation recall of beef, which has wide scale implications throughout the US market and some shipments overseas. The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service branch clarified previous recall notifications of the Rancho issue due to the alarmingly widespread scope of the company’s impact on consumer meat consumption.

Through the USDA FSIS sight, consumers can check whether or not the products they have bought are on the recall list. This is nothing new, but details have emerged that explain the severity of the recall. To start, the USDA tagged over 8.7 million pounds of meat that moved through the Rancho facilities as subject to the recall. These numbers equate to a year’s worth of meat moving onto and through the company’s kill floors.  With a vast number meat products that feed from Rancho stock, it is quite possible few consumers are unaffected.

The recall is posted due to the actions of Rancho Feeding Corporation’s identified intermittent circumvention of inspection processes throughout the year, allowing the approximate 8.7 million pounds of meat to reach the consumer market without having gone through approved USDA inspection checks to ensure not only quality, but safety.

Why This Affects Current Rancho Meat Consumers

The issues that keep Rancho on the USDA recall list stem that a vast majority of the uninspected meats were destined for, and placed in, processed foods. Multiple secondary agents purchased the meat for addition to their own processed food products, some of which have shelf lives over five years. Product can be viably sold for the next several years, and pathogens collected in the uninspected meats may have the potential to be deadly when consumed years down the line.

FSIS has done a detailed study of the meat’s path to the consumer market, so it is unlikely undisclosed meats are left off of the recall list. However, if you are concerned about your potential exposure to the Rancho Feeding Corp. meat, you can simply speak to your grocer of verify the list on the USDA website. It will have not only the products, but the manufacturing and processing information available for you to cross reference with the canned meat products on your shelves.

The recall in general has affected over 5,800 specific retailers to date, covering 45 states, Washington D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico.

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