Ushering in new age controls for age old pest problems


Courtesy of green24

Our gardens are our wonderlands, oases and refuges - green islands in a sea of concrete, brick, and tar. They act as creative outlets where we can unwind and relax. They are also safe havens, where our kids and pets can let loose. But even though our gardens are far removed from the rolling fields, temperate woods and tropical forests of nature, they are also home to some less loved creepy-crawlies.

Pests plague our gardens and vegetable patches by infesting our plants, munching away on leaves, flowers, fruit, roots, bark and sap. For some gardeners, it's all out war. So, to the battle stations everyone, ready the arsenal and let's take down the enemy! But how you get rid of these bothersome beasts shows how green your fingers truly are. So saddle up with environmentally-friendly products, which are safe, non-toxic, and don't cause unnecessary harm to the environment, your garden, family, or pets, and join the cavalry that are fighting the bug battle with biological warfare.

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