Variable Demand Irrigation


Courtesy of Cycle Stop Valves, Inc.

2,000 GPM Turbine pump supplies four 500 GPM pivot sprinklers

After three VFD’s failed in less than five years, this farmer decided to try a Cycle Stop Valve. Three years later there have been no problems with the CSV. The system is able to supply one pivot just as easily as all four pivots when needed. In three years the CSV has saved almost $18,000 that would have been spent on VFD replacements. 

CSV’s have also been used for variable rate pivots. The USDA did a study with Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) using Cycle Stop Valves several years ago. These pivots vary from 200 GPM to 2,000 GPM as the pivot goes around, depending on soil moisture meters and GPS instructions. 

Also see from the USDA:

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