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Vegreville plant expanding into new bio-products


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ATCO Midstream and Grow-Gen Energy are partnering to create Canada's first Integrated bioRefinery™.

The existing Grow-Gen bioGas plant near Vegreville will be expanded to convert organic wastes and wheat into green electricity, bioFertilizer and fuel ethanol. It currently uses manure from the nearby Highland Feeders cattle feedlot to create bioGas and green power.

The ethanol production at the expanded plant will come from locally grown high-starch wheat, rather than the high-protein wheat used used in human food, ATCO said Tuesday.

'It's very gratifying to be able to demonstrate this technology on an industrial scale right at home,' said Evan Chrapko, co-CEO of Grow-Gen. 'It's a great Alberta hybrid--a small new innovator teamed up with a large conservative utility.'

The expansion cost was not released.

Annually, the plant is expected to generate 40 million litres of fuel ethanol, 10 thousand tonnes of premium bioFertilizer and 2.5 MW of green electricity when the expansion is completed in mid-2012.

ATCO said the process is virtually waste-free, with the residual grains fed to cattle at the feedlot.

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