Wastewater treatment in a milk-processing company


Description of the plant

The accruing wastewater from the production of cheese and milk products is collected in a centralised pump sump and given to a first pre-treatment step. This step includes a separation of bigger parts by a sieve and a flocculation step with a dissolved air flotation for elimination of fats and cheese particles. After that, the pre-treatened water is buffered and equalised in an aerated mixing and balancing reactor to cut peaks of flow and load. A final treatment is effected in an activated sludge reactor where organic substances as milk sugar and other organic compounds are decreased by microbiological activity. The treated water is separated from activated sludge in a sedimentation stage before used for agricultural irrigation.

The integrated ARS-Process essentially contributes the stabilisation of sludge and assures a high safety in process operation.
Design Data

Waste water: 30m3/h
COD in: 15 000 mg/l
COD out: < 150 mg/l
Initial start-up: 2007

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