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Water Quality, Soil and Managing Irrigation of Crops

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The book entitled Water Quality, Soil and Managing Irrigation of Crops comprises three sections, specifically: Reuse Water Quality, Soil and Pollution which comprises five technical chapters, Managing Irrigation of Crops with four, and Examples of Irrigation Systems three technical chapters, all presented by the respective authors in their own fields of expertise. This text should be of interest to those who are interested in the safe reuse of water for irrigation purposes in terms of effluent quality and quality of urban drainage basins, as well as to those who are involved with research into the problems of soils in relation to pollution and health, infiltration and effects of irrigation and managing irrigation systems including basin type of irrigation, as well as the subsurface method of irrigation. The many examples are indeed a semblance of real world irrigation practices of general interest to practitioners, more so when the venues of these projects illustrated cover a fair range of climate environments.

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