Waterquality in irrigation canals and boreholes - Greece


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Kavala is located in the North East of Greece, 680 km from the capital Athens. The population of the prefecture of Kavala is around 85,000 people. The River Nestos which flows through this prefecture is very important for the agriculture of the area. To allow for a fair distribution of the water for irrigation purposes, a number of Boreholes and canals have been established. The prefecture of Kavala required continuous real-time monitoring, data storage and data transfer via Internet. OTT emphasized in flexibility and continuous data monitoring.


  • Monitoring of the main water quality parameters in boreholes and canals for the evaluation of the effects of water quality on the agriculture
  • 24 hour real-time monitoring , enabling the implementation of countermeasures in case of any parameters e.g. salinity in boreholes go beyond defined limit values.
  • Measurement of water quality parameters: Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Temperature, pH and Water Level
  • Observation of boreholes and irrigation canals
  • Monthly report that will be published on the prefecture webpage

Monitoring Solution

  • OTT DuoSens in combination with Hydrolab MS5 multi-parameter probe
  • Appropriate individual installations
  • Direct power supply
  • GPRS data transmission
  • Internet publishing of realtime measurements
  • SMS and E-Mail alarm via web server
  • Servicing and calibration every 2 months from April until September 2008


  • Water quality monitoring in irrigation canals and boreholes with good long-term stability
  • Comparison and evaluation of the generated data show the effects of water quality on agriculture
  • Internet based alarm management with individual limit values for different parameters
  • GPRS data communication solution:
    • High reliability (short data packages)
    • Economic solution (volume based invoicing)
    • Frequent data pushing – always online
  • OTT DuoSens, Hydrolab MS5 multi-parameter probe, Wavecom M1306B modem, charger and battery as buffer

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