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Wavehub 20MW wave-farm collector array - Case Study


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Location: Cornwall

Key Facts:

Client: JP Kenny, SWRDA

Timescale: July 2008 - September 2010

Disciplines: Power Systems Subsea, Marine Renewables

Project Description:

Project Team: TNEI is engaged as a sub-contractor to Engineering Management Contractor JP Kenny as well as providing an client representative expert.

Objective: Review the project status, develop the new concept design then take the project through FEED and Execute to have the project installed by summer 2010.

Scope: Wavehub is a 20MW wave farm collector array being established off the west coast of Cornwall.

TNEI is currently supporting the Engineering Management Contractor JP Kenny with all power system analysis and electrical design of the offshore installation which is currently finalising FEED design. This included extensive AC System Optimisation Studies.

TNEI have provided the key input into the electrical system basis of design and the development of the control, monitoring and isolation philosophy.

In addition, TNEI have acted, through David Pridden, as the client representative supporting SWRDA in managing the entire project with particular emphasis on project risk assessment and evaluation of the market based cost and schedule assessments

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