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Web–based post–processor for RELAP5: a development based on LabVIEW

This work presents the development of a LabVIEW web–based post–processor for the RELAP5 output. A RELAP5 model was developed for the thermal–hydraulics experimental facility, called Natural Circulation Circuit. A Visual Basic for application program (Xtrip) was developed to transform binary data file from RELAP5 in an ASCII file. This new output file can be displayed in user–friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) of the post–processor. Temperatures are showed in a XY plot as a function of time. Other parameters can be selected and displayed in the same way. Void fractions, levels, and also the temperatures are displayed in colour–coded scales on other GUIs. This post–processor allows an easier visual understanding of the thermal hydraulics circuit behaviour for calculated and experimental results. One of the main features of this post–processor is the possibility of information interchange, and distance teaching, via the web. In future work, this post–processor will be coupled to RELAP5 for simultaneous calculation and graphical display.

Keywords: web–based post–processor, RELAP5, LabVIEW, graphical user interface, GUI, advanced computing, nuclear reactors, nuclear power, nuclear energy, simulation, world wide web, thermal–hydraulic safety analysis, thermal hydraulics, visualisation

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